Green living on the rise across Great Britain

Fresh air, green trees, and birds singing…sounds like a simple yet picturesque dream, doesn’t it? Climate change and our environment have been hot topics for discussion across the planet this year, with a rise in awareness in part due to global activist efforts. But has that truly had an effect on how we live our lives in Britain?

Recent data provided by Property Wire suggests that a whopping 68% of UK residents would be mindful of eco-friendly features when seeking a new home, which is certainly heartening to hear. But what do we mean by the term green living?

Simply put, it’s a description of living environmentally friendly, to maintain the earth’s natural resources. This includes:

Building with sustainable materials
The property sector is making good headway when it comes to making eco-friendly changes to buildings to create sustainable living, with a heavy focus on making urban environments ‘greener’. According to the UK Green Building Council, 40% of Britain’s carbon emissions come from property, which is a large proportion of the carbon footprint. Sustainable design is beginning to be woven into planning requirements, particularly with commercial buildings, to support the goal of reducing greenhouse gases.

Renewable energy and reducing energy consumption around the home
To aid the above, there is a big drive on making properties more efficient in their energy performance. Energy bills across Britain could be brought down by a staggering £6.1 billion if energy efficiency rates were brought up to a C ranking. Many energy providers are using renewable energy to recycle, giving customers competitive prices and simultaneously helping the planet, but you can also reduce the amount of energy used in your household to support this cause. Small steps such as turning lights and plug sockets off, turning taps off, and reusing rainwater for the garden can make a big difference.

Using better methods of transport for the environment
Using public transport, cycling, walking, and car sharing are all great ways to reduce pollution. Although this is not always an option for commuting, everyone can make small lifestyle changes to contribute. Even a change as small as walking to the shop instead of driving supports the reduction of pollution. Even little things can help!

Recycling items and packaging
It is a requirement for everything we buy in packaging to indicate whether it can be recycled or thrown with regular waste. Local councils make it extremely easy for households to recycle with waste collections for correct disposal of rubbish and items for recycling. Regular collection of rubbish, garden waste, recycling waste, and even glass is a big step to maintain the earth’s natural resources. Make use of the local support on offer to do your bit to support the planet.

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