Over half of Brits admit to succumbing to 'Garden Envy'

It’s not uncommon to cast an envious glance at a neighbour’s fancy new car or improved garden space, but a new study has revealed just how jealous British residents are getting when it comes to keeping tabs on what those living next to them are doing with their gardens.

A survey of 1492 adults conducted by discovered that 53% of Brits will take a seemingly innocuous look over their garden wall to compare their neighbour’s outdoor space with their own. Surprisingly, many are taking it a step further, with 71% of those surveyed more likely to carry out improvements on their garden in an effort to keep pace with any changes that their neighbours have made.

Dining sets led the way as the most sought-after garden upgrade, with 69% noting it as a key feature of other nearby gardens. Plants and flowers came second, with 55% of those surveyed suggesting that they were green with envy over their neighbour’s foliage.

The top five is rounded out by landscape design at 48%, garden heaters and lighting at 42% and storage solutions, sitting at a relatively reasonable 36%.

If you’re feeling a pang of embarrassment knowing that you would be forced to include yourself as partaking in such activities, the study also revealed a few far more damning statistics! Apparently, 21% of those questioned admitted to becoming embroiled in an argument with their neighbour over some aspect of their garden, and remarkably, in an act that takes the concept of Keeping up with the Joneses to the next level, one in ten admitted to making up a reason to visit their neighbour in order to sneak a better glance of their garden.

Those living in Oxford were deemed most likely to succumb to some kind of garden envy, with Newcastle following closely behind in second.

"As a nation, we are very house-proud and so it seems this is the reason for Brits getting so envious when it comes to their outdoor spaces. For many people, their neighbours’ gardens and terraces can be seen from windows, meaning Britons can have a good nosy without being spotted,” offered’s marketing manager Craig Corbett.

"However, like all design choices and tastes, these do vary from individual to individual and are very personal choices. Whilst it’s great to take inspiration from other places, Brits should work to create a space that they’re proud of rather than one which they have designed to compete with another."

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