Experts say property market is set to revive after Brexit

With Brexit negotiations in Brussels reaching their crescendo, the reality of Britain leaving Europe is now truly upon us, and for the property market, it seems that this could lead to something of a revival.

During the drawn-out periods of consternation and uncertainty around Brexit, sellers and buyers alike have shown some restraint in their interactions with the market, and this pent-up demand is set to boost activity next year.

“People with important and costly decisions to make tend to pause and reflect, waiting for a time when the outcome is more predictable. The ongoing machinations of the Brexit process for the last two years are no exception, so it is little wonder that the property market has become increasingly subdued as time has gone on,” said Richard Watkins, the land and planning director for Aston Mead.

“What’s more, despite the risks involved in the current challenging market conditions, we expect that come April 2019, those hoping to trade up will find that the gap in sale values and onward purchase prices will be the narrowest it has been for half a decade. So there continue to be real opportunities out there,” he concluded.

First-time buyers will be buoyed by the two-year extension to the Help to Buy scheme offered by the government in the recent Budget and, with house prices growing at a steadier rate than in historical years, people looking to take their step on to the property ladder will surely benefit from the post-Brexit period.

Despite the well-publicised Brexit uncertainties, the property market has remained relatively stable this year and endured the period of political instability better than most predictions initially forecast. However, 2018 has still seen some slowdown in property transactions throughout the year, and therefore the notion of a post-Brexit revival will be good news for many. With the demand for properties now at an all-time high, and new-builds unable to keep up with this vociferous appetite by the masses to own a home, buyers and sellers should benefit equally after March 2019.

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